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It’s pretty simple actually. We’re just your average couple wanting to create an extraordinary life. 

Being diagnosed with Hypothyroidsm at birth, one of the worlds fewest to be born without a Thyroid, meant constant battles with excessive hair loss, extreme fatigue, stomach problems, major weight fluctuations and pretty much up and down from one doctor to the next. 

Now I don’t want to bore you too much, but I will tell you that after having tried nearly every drug on the shelf, I found myself finally giving in and trying collagen. I can say with 100% certainty that after having used collagen for almost 9 months now, my hair has grown significantly, my bones feel stronger, my metabolism and skin has never been better and all round waking up in the morning is just a breathe of fresh air. 

My biggest dream has always been to help others through what I personally have experienced and been through over the years. 

So here it is.. Oh So Pure 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen. 

Believe me when I tell you that it has truly helped change my life and I’d love it to do the same for YOU!

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